Connectors & Cables


High-speed bus standards are popular for data transmission in computer systems, data storage, servers, and network communications. These standards include both high-speed serial buses, like Infiniband and parallel buses like PCIe. With these new standards, the need for connector and cabling capable of handling the bandwidth of these signals with minimal signal integrity degradation has increased.

GigaTest engineering can measure and model these connectors and cables using our proven methodology. Our services include test fixturing, high-bandwidth measurements and characterization of these components. A typical project will involve the design of a PCB test fixture suitable for mating with the connector or cable, and probing the individual leads with high bandwidth microprobes. These precision PCBs allow us to measure highly accurate, calibrated S-parameters on the connector and cable leads, including power and ground pins. These S-parameters can be used to evaluate the components or extracting models.